Räkki Rugs are high-end, hand-knotted rugs that connect traditional handicraft with the inspiration of contemporary art and culture.
Characterized by subtle and lively polychromy, unique design and great love for detail.

Rebekka Stange designs for her label Räkki Rugs permanent collections, as well as custom-made rugs and tapestries that function as a decorative image and acoustic element.
In this way, rooms can be acoustically optimized without influencing their architecture.

Each piece at Räkki Rugs is used for a completely individual design in connection with high-quality materials, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable production.

Our rugs are made exclusively with natural materials such as Tibetan highland wool, nettle, linen, Chinese silk, Indian silk and bamboo silk.
We offer the possibility to design and manufacture any design according to individual ideas.
Because each rug is made by hand, we can adapt it to any location and take into account personal wishes such as size and shape.


With an ever-searching eye for colours, shapes, textures and materials, Rebekka Stange designs patterns for hand-knotted carpets.
These are mainly watercolor paintings, which later serve as templates for the knotting patterns.

Her search for color compositions and textures are part of a never-ending process that always tries to see and understand cultural heritage and contemporary art in context.
In the design process, Rebekka Stange's creative search repeatedly encounters the fascination of the unfinished, the provisional and the possible.
It is the lively depiction in connection with minimalist and geometric shapes, which is created through imperfection and traces in the creation process.

We ensure that the design always focuses on function and aesthetics aspects and creates texture and patterns as part of a harmonious ambience.


Rugs succeed in filling a room with warmth and creating a natural atmosphere that contributes to well-being. In addition, rugs define areas of activity within a room, guide our movements between rooms and encourage dwelling.

The pile of a wool carpet influences the walking speed and ensures deceleration due to the slight sinking in.
The contrast between different textures is characteristic of modern interior design and an individual search for style.