• An already existing design by Rebekka Stange can be adjusted in size, color and quality, such as knot density and material determination.

  • Developed for a specific space/place Rebekka Stange design suggestions for an object that corresponds to these suggestions and is implemented in Nepal using traditional craftsmanship.

  • In collaboration with interior architects, Rebekka Stange develops custom-made carpets that create a subtle connection in the overall design concept.

  • Rebekka Stange designs rugs and tapestries for hotels, restaurants, offices, places for music and sound or private rooms, that make places extraordinary and pleasant to experience through creative color compositions and acoustic optimization.

  • As an interdisciplinary artist (graduate designer), Rebekka Stange offers creative direction, design and advice for the interior sector and develops design concepts for customers from different areas with great joy and passion.

  • Individual color and material concepts

  • Individual design, color, shape, size and knot density

  • Sample production (60 x 60 cm) for a first impression

  • Computer protected rendering that shows you exactly how your carpet will look

  • Rugs in the room to improve the room acoustics

  • tapestries


Our greatest joy lies in creating rugs that inspire people and enliven the space around them.

We look forward to your inquiry!